This Color Blind Man Is Racist Despite Condition

This Color Blind Man Is Racist Despite Condition

Jan. 29, 2016

Meet Jacob Jaeger (pictured). He suffers from color blindness, but that isn’t holding him back. When it comes to racial prejudice, Jaeger sees his disability as an obstacle to overcome rather than a road block.

“People are always trying so hard to prove they aren’t racist these days. They say things like, ‘I don’t see color’. Well I literally don’t see color. That’s never kept me from hating anybody,” Jaeger told Word Brothel.

His perseverance truly is remarkable and commendable. He went on to say, “I can’t see colors like red or green, but I know a Mexican when I see one and I’m pretty sure he’s taking a job away from a decent white American”.

For Jacob, discrimination will always persevere over his disability. “Those goddamn blacks and Chinese are taking over the country. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or person with fully functioning eyes to see that. Just another thing the Jew-run media won’t tell the people about,” he remarked as he popped in a DVD of the sketch comedy show “In Living Color”, his favorite all white cast. (He has trouble telling races apart on screen, but we didn’t want to interject)

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