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Word Brothel After Dark

Word Brothel appreciates the late night scene. Sketches and videos for adults only.

Bing Box [VIDEO]

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As journalists, we strive to retain our integrity by distancing ourselves from the demands of corporate sponsors. But we must pay the bills. Though we will sometimes provide you with branded content and commercials, we are beholden to no one. With that said, this video has been brought to you by Bing and their brand new Bing Box. Bing is without a doubt the BEST way to navigate the web. Use Bing!

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F**k Bois Speak Out [VIDEO]

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Covering Fuck Bois poses difficult challenges for Word Brothel journalists. Are we simply providing a platform for them to recruit more dudes and spread douchery? Or could a better understanding of douchebag culture help us cut out the cause of this behavior at the root? You be the judge.

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