Latest Feminist Trend: Only Abort Male Fetuses

Latest Feminist Trend: Only Abort Male Fetuses

Jan. 27, 2016

A woman’s right to choose has long been a tenant of the feminist ideology, but new age feminists have taken it to a whole new extreme. They’re using their right to choose and choosing to abort their fetuses only if they’re male.

Amanda Brecken, leader of the movement, told us in an exclusive interview that she had several reasons for starting this campaign. “I think birthing children can be empowering for women, but not if the child is going to grow up to be a rapist, misogynist, or constantly generalize people because of their sex, which all men do”.

Among her statements, one of the most radical and controversial was that abortions should be allowed for up to 5 years after a hold is born, when they’re old enough to decide which gender they identify as. “Gender theory has taught us that females can identify as males and vice versa. I wouldn’t want to abort a male who would later identify as a woman. That would be horrible,” Brecken said. She added that “the only good man is one that thinks he is a woman”.

It remains unclear why any man would want to procreate with a woman that hates him because of the genitalia he was born with, but should the opportunity arise Amanda and her faithful feminist following is prepared to preemptively smash the patriarchy.








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