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Maximilian Stolte

Maximilian, better known as the grown man who still eats Lunchables, is owner and operator here at Word Brothel. With his ragtag team of miscreants, his goal is to spread truth so profound that it shatters the very fabric of reality. When he is not fanning the flames of justice and all that is good, he is acting like a buffoon on a stage or the CTA. Most importantly he wanted us to mention that the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich he ever ate was on June 5, 2009.

Katie O'Reilly
Editor In Chief

Pretty Miss Katie O’Reilly is the Editor in Chief and Produces the Word Brothel live shows: Fükhaus. She has been working with Word Brothel ever since it was a dingy website. You can find her performing at the iO Theater with her Pool team Lindsey Logan’s Beach Club, performing with Farrell Walsh on the team Two Cuties, creating digital art on Instagram @yourpuffmama, or in Max’s phone under “Sweet Little Baby Girl.”

Jason Elewski
Creative Director
Waking up from a 20-year food coma with nearly every body part replaced by a cybernetic prosthesis, Jason has dedicated his gifts to write, perform, and write satirical content for for the good of nobody.
Josie Benedetti
Josie Benedetti once lived on top of spaghetti, all covered in cheese, but felt a change coming on suddenly when a nearby virus monger blessed himself all over. Now she roams the city of Chicago as That’s-A-Spicy-Meatball Man, curing heartburn and dumping spaghetti sauce whenever she goes. You might be confused as to whether she is a poor meatball, an Italian man, or a full grown woman covered in ragu practicing comedy and you would be right on all three accounts.
Simon Tessmer

Simon Tessmer is a Chicago improviser and writer who performs regularly with the independent team Stepmother Goose. Other than writing for Word Brothel, Simon's favorite activities include eating turkey sandwiches, passionately raving about the Mission Impossible franchise, and struggling to be a functional social human. 

Nate Odenkirk

Nate Odenkirk is really happy to hear that you’re reading his work! He writes everyday and is a contributor for The Chicago Genius Herald. His own site, The Inquirist (inquiristmag.com) is a magazine for smart folk that you may well like. His work has appeared in The New Yorker and his radio play, Summer in Argyle, is coming up, soon. He also does stand up in Chicago, but no one cares.

Sophia Birks

Sophia Birks is funny but hates writing bios.

Insta: @sophiabirks
Twitter: @sophiebtweets
SSN: 187-76-9420
Jacob Dierksheide
Jake is a performer originally from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When not writing for Word Brothel, you can catch him playing in his iO Harold team Pangea, or as part of the independent group Mind Cookies. His likes include but are not limited to: guessing games, regular games, and The Parent Trap.
Allie Rubin
Allie Rubin is NOT the Gorton’s fisherman! But she DOES think it is weird that we rip lobsters apart and suck out their insides. She performs throughout Chicago as one half of Papa, a sketch duo that likes yelling- and sauce-based comedy. Again, please stop asking her for fish sticks! She is NOT the Gorton’s fisherman!!!
Jack Ritchey
Jack is an improvisor and writer from St. Louis, Missouri. When he's not writing for Word Brothel, you can see him performing with house team Cheeky Rafiki at the Comedy Clubhouse every Friday night at 8pm. He also has contributed to shows at the CIC Theater, iO, and streaming on Amazon Prime, and you can find more of his work at waxinghumorous.com.
Judy Weinstein

Originally from the Texas Hill Country, Judy Weinstein has made Chicago her home since 2016. A photographer, improviser, yoga teacher & all around fabulous goddess ready to capture whatever insane shit Max & Jason put in front of her. You can find Judy performing with Mr. Dr. every Saturday night at midnight at iO. You can find her photo work & get in contact via the info below.


instagram @weinsteinjudy

Megan Schmidt
Graphic Designer
Megan has been using her art to con people into friendship since she learned how to draw Neopets in second grade. She has created graphics for top-secret government reports, signed design NDAs for crazy fancy tech companies, and even helped rebrand her friend's uncle's New England lobster cart. However, she considers this unpaid graphic design gig with Word Brothel to be her greatest artistic achievement yet.
Emily Serruto