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Catch up on what your favorite entertainment celebrities are eating.

Get That Hot Summer Bod Using Ed Sheeran’s New Fad Diet

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5/3/2017 By: Erika Hakmiller Awww, who’s that cute widdle ba…Oh. Wait. That is a full grown man. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, despite the flawless skin, big eyes, and childlike charm, this picture is of 26-year-old Ed Sheeran. How does he look so young? He follows a strict diet and exercise plan inspired by preschoolers that, according to the man-baby himself, keeps both his body AND mind young. If you follow his method, you’re sure to be in love with the shape of YOU this summer. Ed Sheeran starts every morning like most children, by waking up in his crib…

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All Lives Matter Man Buys Surplus Of Pepsi In Support Of New Commercial

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4/6/2017 By: Maximilian Stolte The internet is abuzz with the newest advertisement from Pepsi, in which Kendall Jenner gives a police officer at a protest a cold beverage and you can see with your own eyes as he becomes sympathetic to the protestors point of view. This ad has been heavily criticized on social media and the opposition to that opposition is fighting back! Pete Bierman, self-proclaimed frontman of the All Lives Matter movement, took action the only way one can in a capitalist society: his money. He bought 100 cases (3,000 cans) of Pepsi in support of the advertisement…

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Top 10 Reality Celebs Better Suited for Presidency Than Donald Trump

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3/28/2017 By: Ben Gauwitz Could being a reality TV star be the new prerequisite for the top office of the world’s most powerful nation? We can only hope. Here is a list of the top 10 celebrities who would be better leaders for our country than President Donald J. Trump. And remember, this is the just the top 10, there are at least a hundred reality “stars” who are more equipped to lead the free world than our current flavor of the week.   10. Ru Paul (Ru Paul’s Drag Race) White House? More like red carpets and technicolor dreamcoats!…

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Oscar Nominees Who Didn’t Win Release Their Acceptance Speeches

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2/28/2017 Each year at the Oscars, America looks forward to hearing the nominees who win best actor/actress. Their speeches are so well written and delivered that they are both a reflection of their acting abilities as well as their personhood. Sometimes political, sometimes personal, oftentimes a perfect cross section of the two. Unfortunately for us, we don’t get to hear the speeches that were prepared by all of the nominees, just the winners…Until now! Ryan Gosling “There’s never a good way to objectively judge something as arbitrary as acting, but having said that, I’d like to say that Donald Trump…

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The Question Of Where DMX’s Dogs At Finally Answered

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1/14/2017 By: Maximilian Stolte If you’ve listened to rapper DMX’s music before, you’ve undoubtedly heard him ask his patented question: “Where my dogs at?”. The inquiry is commonly followed by a series of barking sounds that he makes in hopes to find the dogs for which he is looking. Well look no more! You left your dog at the kennel silly man. DMX has long been a lover of animals. He wrote a song called “For My Dogs” in 1998 where he stated, “I know where my dogs is at.” So at this point in time we can assume he…

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Orgy In Heaven: Catch Up With The Celebrities We Lost In 2016

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1/11/2017 2016 was a year marred by the loss of many beloved celebrities. In the wake of one of the most peculiar years for news on Earth, things have also gotten pretty weird upstairs in the kingdom of heaven. Every famous person who died last year is having sex right now. It goes without saying this orgy of historic proportions was probably initiated by none other than Prince and David Bowie, two infamous sex symbols that the mortal world lost this past year. When it comes to the wild fuckfest in the sky, our loss is their gain. It’s hard…

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6 Internet Acronyms Coined By Historical Figures

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6. “FML” -Edgar Allan Poe That’s right, the American author EAP was the first to coin the term “FML” or Fuck My Life. Best known for his dark and depressing fiction and thought by many historians to have died by suicide, he actually sent this acronym for the first time by carrier pigeon to his dear friend Mortimer about a time that his cat knocked his inkwell onto a page of his poems. 5. “BRB” & “NVM” -Amelia Earhart  Besides her accomplishments in creating two widely used internet acronyms of the modern day, Amelia Earhart was also the first woman…

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