Soderbergh Announces Upcoming Project Shot Entirely On Ford Fiesta Backup Camera

Soderbergh Announces Upcoming Project Shot Entirely On Ford Fiesta Backup Camera

By: Simon Tessmer

LOS ANGELES, CADirector Steven Soderbergh, hot off the production of two iPhone shot films, has announced his upcoming project will be filmed entirely on the backup camera of a Ford Fiesta. Famous for challenging himself and pushing the boundaries of indie cinema, the director’s period drama Shadows of the Fallen began shooting early this week and is slated for release next year.

“I used an iPhone to push myself further after mastering being my own cinematographer and editor, but the high wore off quicker than I anticipated,” remarked Soderbergh after his first day of filming. “I knew next time I’d really need to hobble myself to get that good rush again, and using the backup camera on my Mom’s 2013 Ford Fiesta seemed like the perfect fit.”

Shadows stars William H. Macy as a dying Union general during the height of the Civil War.

Producer Joseph Malloch explained that for Soderbergh, staying true to the constraints of the backup camera is tantamount. “The first thing Steve told me was ‘Only the car, no other equipment.’ I was shocked, you know?  How are you going to shoot this movie if you don’t dismantle the trunk and mount the backup camera on a dolly or a crane? And he said ‘I’m going to sit behind the wheel, put the car in reverse, and have the actors crouch down so their faces appear in frame.’ And then Steve did that thing where his eyes roll into the back of his head and he writhes with pure ecstacy.”

“I’ve also planned every shot composition to incorporate the camera’s automatic parking guidelines so there’s no need to remove them in post,” said a gushingly salivating Soderbergh.

On break between setups, Macy was glowing about his experience on the film thus far. “Steven’s such a genius, I’d literally do anything for him.” After suffering a coughing fit full of car exhaust, the Shameless actor quietly added that he was a little off put when Soderbergh started wearing a straight up blindfold during scenes.

“You know what else? The editing’s all in the camera, and we’re not taking out anything we shoot,” Soderbergh added between heaving sighs.“So if we mess a single thing up just once the whole thing’s ruined. Hell yeah. God damn that’s good.” Soderbergh pounded the table and sharply inhaled. “Oh and the sound? Wax cylinders, baby. It’s literally an impossible movie. Oh fuck.” The Ocean’s Eleven director then collapsed from what we assume was a massive orgasm.

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