Donald Trump Has Wall Built Around Him

Donald Trump Has Wall Built Around Him

GOP candidate Donald Trump may not be president…yet. That hasn’t kept him from enacting some of his proposed policies and plans a little early. This week he had a wall built around him to keep the rest of the country out.

Trump is known for speaking his mind and not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. He’s created a utopia where the only citizen is the former best citizen of these United States: Donald Trump. Who can imagine a better place than one where there’s nothing but Donald J. Trump?

He told press yesterday, “I’m building this wall. I’m creating jobs and I’m keeping the undesirables out. You know, it’s just so hard to tell if someone is a Muslim or a Mexican or maybe just a decent upstanding citizen that’s spent some time on vacation in the sun, getting a tan. What I have here is a Bio-Dome type situation where I can show the country how great things will be in Trump’s America.”

Susan Danforth put the project together. She pitched the idea to Trump and was surprised at how quickly he agreed. “I thought he would catch on to the fact we were building the wall to keep him away from the rest of the country, but he’s so egocentric that when we told him it was all about him, he jumped right on board.” Susan says the wall should be completed by the end of the week and we can expect whatever infrastructure and economy he creates within the walls to crumble soon after.

Apparently if Ronald Reagan were alive today he would change his position on walls. A ouija board used in his childhood home told Word Brothel journalists, “Mr. Trump, keep up that wall!”

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