Brave Hero Googles Recently Deceased Celebrity Name + ‘Controversy’ To Remind Those Mourning They Were No Saint

Brave Hero Googles Recently Deceased Celebrity Name + ‘Controversy’ To Remind Those Mourning They Were No Saint

CLEVELAND, OH—Ashley Redding, or as she’s known online @AccountabilityQueen42, Is an activist who is really “doing the work” as they say. While others mourn the loss of a human soul from the mortal plane when a celebrity dies, Ashley does the digging, scouring the internet to prove there’s no reason to mourn because they were actually terrible and deserved it. Holding people accountable doesn’t have to stop just because someone isn’t around to defend themselves, Ashley explained.

Ashley gave us some inside info on the grueling, but apparently necessary process. “It’s usually pretty easy, I just type their name plus controversy into Google. Sometimes it’s much harder. If nothing comes up I try problematic or arrest. In rare cases that they haven’t been exposed during their lifetime, I search Twitter with their name + every slur I’ve ever heard,” explained the self-proclaimed anti-racist empath and white ally, who has voluntarily typed out the N word more times than any racist has ever said it. 

Pointing out the mistakes of once living famous people doesn’t come with all of the glitz and glamor one might think. “It’s maybe not a popular stance to point out how the person everyone is hoping rests in peace was actually a piece of shit who deserves to be in hell now,” Ashley explained. Making sure that history will remember nobody fondly is a difficult task, but Ashley believes by laying out extensive evidence of their sin to good deed ratio online that even the closest family member of the deceased would admit that their loved one is eternally burning at the right hand of Lucifer.

It’s true that no good deed goes unpunished. Last year Ashley was the target of a smear campaign directed at her in which she appropriated Chinese culture by wearing earrings with Chinese characters on them and not knowing what they meant. After a 12 page notes app apology, she seemed to be in the good graces of her fellow accountability holding advocates. This group of brave internet sleuths sacrifice time they could otherwise spend socializing, falling in love, or producing tangible change in their community to bring you the truth about people none of them have even met. Now that is dedication worth celebrating!

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