8 Things To Be Happy About In These Trying Times

8 Things To Be Happy About In These Trying Times


The 2016 Election has caused upheaval and unrest across the 50 states as President elect Donald Trump prepares to take the most important position in our country and possibly the world. It may be hard for some to accept the fact that this controversial figure will be responsible for making policies that affect our everyday lives. We here at Word Brothel would like to offer a small beacon of hope with some things to be happy about during these most trying times.

8. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, they give us the strength we need to overcome our obstacles and our differences as a nation.

7. Eggs

Much like the demographic makeup of our great country, eggs come in a variety of different forms and from different places. There are duck eggs, chicken eggs, pheasant eggs, and the list doesn’t stop there. They can also be scrambled, hardboiled, or over easy.

6. Eggs

The egg has a hard exterior and a soft inside, just like many Americans. It’s more important now than ever that we embrace the hardboiled variety and stay strong and solid inside and out through this political turmoil.

5. Eggs

While eggs are a type of food, they are more than just that. They are a symbol for the indomitable spirit of the American people and our similarities conquering our differences. Crack open an egg with a white shell and an egg with a brown shell and you will find what lies within shockingly similar.

4. Eggs

These fragile sources of nourishment also reflect the most important resource of our United States: the middle class worker. Just as the chickens, tirelessly laying eggs in uncomfortable living conditions, are the backbone of the egg industry, we working class Americans are the backbone of America!

3. Marijuana Was Legalized In Several States

The long prohibition of a drug, beloved by most, seems to be coming to an end. California, Nevada, and Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana use and sales while several states legalized medical marijuana. This is surely a silver lining, right?

2. Eggs

Did you know eggs aren’t just a breakfast food anymore? They can be enjoyed with every meal! Some restaurants are even putting this delicious chicken menstruation on hamburgers. Yummy!

1. Eggs

Come on, let’s see those smiles. Eggs also come in a variety of sizes and grades. No size-shaming here. All eggs are beautiful!

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