A Voice of Rationality! Creator of ‘Barack O’Hitler’ Meme Calls for Peaceful Transfer of Power

A Voice of Rationality! Creator of ‘Barack O’Hitler’ Meme Calls for Peaceful Transfer of Power

The nation has fallen into turmoil following the results of the US general election on November 8. In trying times like these, social media almost always finds a source of optimism to lighten our collective mood. Last month, we found solace in the amiable crimson sweater of Kenneth Bone. Today, a new hero was born. At 4:19am, Craig Douglas took to Facebook in a plea for the peaceful transference of power. Douglas, a bank teller by day, is known best for his creation of the widely disseminated image depicting Barack Obama as some sort of Hitler-Demon.

In his plea, Douglas adhered to 3 talking points. First, he let disenfranchised democrats know that they were, in fact, being babies. Second, he highlighted that the nation should just be cool, because “that’s democracy, bitchez.” Third, he reasserted his choice of candidate by typing the President-Elect’s name in all capital letters.

Today will be remembered as the day the nation started healing. Craig Douglas, the man who volunteered 6 hours of his free time one Saturday night to Photoshop a tiny mustache and goat horns onto the face of America’s 44th president, challenged the nation to “set aside its differences and let Trump do his thing.” The individual who, up until November 7, was still courageously questioning the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, asked an angered nation to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, in which reality TV personality, Donald Trump, was elected president of the United States by the electoral college. The author, illustrator, and publisher of a picture that infused the imagery of Adolf Hitler and Satan, with the likeness of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, demanded that everyone have faith in the system.

Since the post went public this morning, no change has occurred in the national conversation, but Craig remains hopeful. Perhaps if we had more voices like Craig Douglas, there would not be so much divisive rhetoric in our political discourse.

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