You Won’t Believe What The Baby’s Penis From Nirvana’s Nevermind Album Cover Looks Like Now!

You Won’t Believe What The Baby’s Penis From Nirvana’s Nevermind Album Cover Looks Like Now!
By: Maximilian Stolte

We all remember the cute baby diving in a pool chasing a dollar bill on Nirvana’s album cover for Nevermind. Not only was it loaded with social commentary about America and capitalism, it also featured a determined baby with the unusual skill of being comfortable while submerged in water. Now that baby is all grown up and, believe it or not, so is his penis.

The album cover is less than flattering for young Spencer Elden, former nude child model, but in his defense, he was in a cold swimming pool and shrinkage is a scientific fact. However, these days Spencer is working with a massive tool that would even make Ron Jeremy blush. Somewhere between the album’s release and now, young Spencer’s teeny tiny member grew from turtle head to full blown hog and the internet is loving it!

In terms of girth and length, the difference is absolutely astounding. It’s amazing what 25 years and puberty will do to a person’s genitalia. With circumcision scars all healed up and pubic hair grown in to accent his piece, this is one beautiful cock we’re talking about now (and the balls dropped quite nicely to boot). The world is truly blessed with this particularly wonderful prick.

Since we were unable to legally obtain a picture of the much talked about penis, it is our duty to briefly describe what you’re missing out on. Just trust us when we say you wouldn’t believe the difference! Head to shaft size ratio: perfect. Not too veiny, but just enough to let you know blood is pumping through and it is ready to do its thing! At 9.5 inches and weighing in at about 195 grams, this guy’s wood is nothing to sneeze at. Hopefully this description was apt enough to satiate your appetite for juicy details.

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