Typo Leads To Embarrassing Mix-Up For Pope Francis

Typo Leads To Embarrassing Mix-Up For Pope Francis

By: Max Stolte

VATICAN CITY—The Pope greeted Vatican City with a layer of venerable egg on his face ass he noticed banners littering the Vatican with an egregious spelling error on each and every one of them. Fans of God the whole world over poured into His own little slice of Heaven on earth to celebrate the trials and tribulations of Jesus, but were confronted with something else they’d have to atone for in the confessional booth that day. 

His holiness addressed the masses saying “It grieves me so to tell you that an intern here has misspelled our decorations for the day, but when God closes a back door, he opens a window.” The audience laughed and applauded as they usually do for the elderly, ignoring their carnal desires sprout out upon them by the debaucherous imagery the Vatican walls. The prayer fanatics received their holy sacraments and were all the more enriched in Catholicism, despite being surrounded by enlarged Megan_Thee_Stallion.jpeg images in every direction of them.

“Let us see this error as yet another one of God’s test, as thought He has not tested us enough this year,” Pope Francis told the audience before they made their foreheads dirty. Pushing their thoughts and desires deep down within them they hurried through their ceremonies and suffered on and rested assured that this was God’s plan.

One man, who wasn’t able to resist his urges so well, was found in a “closed for renovations” confessional booth performing some less than holy acts on his body. He did 12 Hail Marys and figured that was good enough to get him off in the eyes of the lord until he had to get him off on the physical plane of existence once again.

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