The Question Of Where DMX’s Dogs At Finally Answered

The Question Of Where DMX’s Dogs At Finally Answered

By: Maximilian Stolte

If you’ve listened to rapper DMX’s music before, you’ve undoubtedly heard him ask his patented question: “Where my dogs at?”. The inquiry is commonly followed by a series of barking sounds that he makes in hopes to find the dogs for which he is looking. Well look no more! You left your dog at the kennel silly man.

DMX has long been a lover of animals. He wrote a song called “For My Dogs” in 1998 where he stated, “I know where my dogs is at.” So at this point in time we can assume he knew the whereabouts of his dogs. Later that same year he came out with another song called “Dogs For Life” in which he asks again, “Where my dogs? Uh! There’s my dogs!” This establishes an important precedent of DMX not being very responsible with his dogs.

This time however, the rapper and dog enthusiast left his dog at a kennel and never picked it up! What an oversight from someone who made a living out of rapping about looking for dogs and sometimes knowing where his dogs were at. The musician and angry sounding shouter has lauded the loyalty of dogs in videos, interviews, and songs, but has not returned the loyalty this time.

In his defense, the homophobe with prior animal abuse charges said that he has 17 children and can’t take care of a dog. So if DMX ever asks where his dogs at again, we can comfortably say they are with someone who loves and cares for them more than he ever did.

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