New Record: 12 Chicago Cars Turn Left After Light Changes Red

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By: Maximilian Stolte

Today is one for the record books as more cars made left turns through an intersection, get this, AFTER the light had changed from yellow to red. Only in Chicago could a feat like this be accomplished and boy are we glad to see this record shattered.

It all started at the intersection of North, Milwaukee, and Damen where three cars had crept into the intersection, awaiting their chance to turn left. A break in traffic never occurred so they were forced to do what all Chicago residents are: just wait until the light turns red and turn anyway. This time however they were joined by nine more cars that were also in the turn lane.

While this astonishing spectacle was taking place, the north and southbound cars had a green light and were thus unable to proceed into the intersection. That didn’t stop some do-gooders several cars back from laying on their horns through an entire light cycle as the miraculous display was taking place. Does being a little late really matter when something this breathtakingly beautiful is taking place?