Donald Trump Realizes He Never Switched Over From Obama’s Email Signature

Donald Trump Realizes He Never Switched Over From Obama’s Email Signature

By: Madeleine Russell

Washington, DC – Thanks to his active twitter account, Donald Trump’s administration has been the most technically visible presidency in recent history. In his first 6 months of office, Trump pushed out over 1,000 tweets despite passing zero legislation. Considering the public’s unprecedented access to the president’s thoughts, it seems only natural that we would assume a base level of technical knowledge. But on Wednesday, March 6th of this week an lonely, unnamed White House staffers received an email from Donald Trump’s official white house account, but something was drastically wrong. “It still had Obama’s email signature at the bottom.”

If this alleged oversite is correct, Trump has spent 410 days in office using his predecessors email signature. The problem was quickly rectified but later that afternoon when Trump was asked directly about what is now being called “Si-gate-iture” he responded, “Word Brothel?  No. NO. NO. NO. Wanna talk email signatures? Did Hillary have an email signature on those 100,000 lost emails?”

With dwindling numbers of White House staff, the chain of command between Commander and Chief and the lowest of public servants has shortened to just a stones throw. Direct email access has shined light on the Presidents lack of basic computer knowledge. But this news is no surprise to White House insiders. The other White House Staffer commented, “This doesn’t surprise me that much. Who would he be emailing? And of those people, who would notice?”

When reached for comment, White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded, “The White House flatly denies these absurd claims.  Donald Trump’s email signature was changed over during the transition process. It was not left on a to-do list that has been passed down the line between 20 now resigned White House leadership members. It did not get stuck on Steve Bannon’s neck after a shaving accident and then end up in Kellyanne Conway’s purse on her way to church where it burned in a spontaneous burst of flame.”

Sources say Trump’s new email signature includes a favorite inspirational quote, “Ask not what you can do for your country, but what you can do for your president.”

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