Top 10 Reality Celebs Better Suited for Presidency Than Donald Trump

Top 10 Reality Celebs Better Suited for Presidency Than Donald Trump


By: Ben Gauwitz

Could being a reality TV star be the new prerequisite for the top office of the world’s most powerful nation? We can only hope. Here is a list of the top 10 celebrities who would be better leaders for our country than President Donald J. Trump. And remember, this is the just the top 10, there are at least a hundred reality “stars” who are more equipped to lead the free world than our current flavor of the week.


10. Ru Paul (Ru Paul’s Drag Race)

White House? More like red carpets and technicolor dreamcoats! Admittedly, not the best choice to lead the country, but waaay more fab than DJT.

9. Mark Cuban (Shark Tank)

According to his Wikipedia page, Mark Cuban was a bartender, party planner, and disco instructor before the billions came pouring in (can you IMAGINE his cabinet parties?). As a graduate of Indiana University’s acclaimed business school, Mr. Cuban quickly became a savvy businessman who made his fortune during the dot com boom. And, unlike President Trump, Mr. Cuban is a self-made man. Crank that funky music, white boy! It’s time to lay down the boogie on the national debt!

8. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF)

This rowdy beer chugging strong man would be a great fit for office. He’s already proven he can beat the Donald in the ring as evidenced by his miraculous Stone Cold Stunner performed on the current president. It’s even more likely that he could beat him in the polls come 2020.

7. Miley Cyrus (The Voice)

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight for essentially her entire life. She became a household name as the star of the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana. Ms. Cyrus’ diversity may suit her best as an ambassador for our country, but she has my vote for Pres because who wouldn’t want to party with Miley in the USA? She’s even pictured above doing what the Donald claimed to do to other women. It’s abuse unless you do it to yourself Don!

6. Ruthie (Real World Hawaii)

Ruthie was quite possibly the drunkest of all the Real World/ Road Rules cast members- which is literally a community of alcoholic degenerates of the highest degree, and she is still better equipped to lead the country than DJT. Aloha impeachment.

5. A Rose (The Bachelor)

A rose that was once a living plant, but is now dead. It does not have a central nervous system, but may contain more consciousness than our current Commander in Chief.

4. Martha Stewart (The Martha Stewart Show)

Martha Stewart has done time for corruption, so she has a leg up on the competition when it comes to the ins and outs of politics.

3. The Miscarried 9th Baby (Jon & Kate Plus 8)

This is how low the bar has been set, America.

2. Any Teen Mom (Teen Mom)

They may not be old enough to order drinks at the bar or run for president for that matter, but they would tackle the task better than the guy we have now. They may not be able to spell their children’s names, but their tweets would be as legible as @therealdonaldtrump’s.

  1. The Rock (WWF)

    Everyone loves the Rock! Don’t you- IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK (or that DJT lost the popular vote). The Rock would be the greatest Commander in Chief this country has ever seen. The Rock would NOT be afraid to tell Congress to know their role and shut their mouth. He would layeth the smack down on corrupt politicians and corporate greed, People’s Elbow the war on drugs into submission, and restore the middle class- all without breaking a sweat on that perfectly tanned body. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Yeah, it’s free school lunches, guys.

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