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Sexual Predator Posting After 6 Month Hiatus Must Think Coast Clear

By: Madeleine Russell Chicago, IL—After being outed as a super-predator in November of last year, Dave Fisher disappeared from all social media, removed his website, and moved to an entirely different city. This seemed like an uncharacteristically wise choice from a man who had boldly molested women under the radar for the better part of his adult life. Chicagoans breathed a sigh of relief, anticipating a future void of his “no holds barred, tell it like it is” comedic internet presence. “We were just starting to recover from years of having access to his daily observations while he lived his… … Keep Reading


Social Media Scandal: Instagram Accidentally Released A Filter That Adds Female Nipples To Everything

By: Jason Elewski The popular photo app, Instagram, came under fire this week amid a controversy regarding a filter that was accidentally released. The filter, which was still in development before it was mistakenly distributed to the public, has been adding random nipples to user’s snapshots. Entitled Nippar, it was originally conceived to remove any naughty areolae uploaded through the app. “In theory, when the filter is working correctly, it should look like people don’t have any nipples at all, making it okay for anyone to upload topless photos without any unpleasantries,” said Instagram developer Laurie McPoodle. There appears to… … Keep Reading


This Cis Male Has Been Mansplaining Theoretical Physics for the Past 45 Minutes!

5/30/2017 By: Taylor Brecken As any of my followers on Instagram know, I’m an intelligent, strong, and capable person. From my adventures in Joshua Tree to straight chillin’ at the vintage DQ with my fav boos, I have seen a lot and learned a lot. So I must ask this man who is standing in front of the chalkboard, what the hell gives you the right to mansplain the complexities of theoretical physics to me? Excuse me, but did I ask you to describe string theory in great detail for an entire 45 minutes? No. You would know that if you read… … Keep Reading


Teenage Girl Spends $300,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Favorite Snapchat Filter

5/5/2017 By: Maximilian Stolte MIAMI, FL—At 18 years of age, Emily Jager has begun what will be a long and expensive series of plastic surgery procedures to permanently look like her favorite Snapchat filter. She believes that her outside appearance should reflect how she feels on the inside, even if how she feels on the inside is that she likes the way this filter looks on a picture of her outside. When asked about her transformation, Emily said, “It’s a big decision to make, but I want to look like the cat filter. Thank god I didn’t turn 18 until… … Keep Reading

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