Teenage Girl Spends $300,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Favorite Snapchat Filter

Teenage Girl Spends $300,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her Favorite Snapchat Filter

By: Maximilian Stolte

MIAMI, FL—At 18 years of age, Emily Jager has begun what will be a long and expensive series of plastic surgery procedures to permanently look like her favorite Snapchat filter. She believes that her outside appearance should reflect how she feels on the inside, even if how she feels on the inside is that she likes the way this filter looks on a picture of her outside.

When asked about her transformation, Emily said, “It’s a big decision to make, but I want to look like the cat filter. Thank god I didn’t turn 18 until that one came out or I might have decided to be something stupid, like the dog filter. I can’t believe that used to be my favorite. I was so young then.”

Her surgeries will include a slight widening of her eye sockets and the insertion of a gland that will make them look glossy at all times, which will set her back $100,000. As for the prosthetic pink ears and nose? That’s going to cost another $100,000. Emily Jager wasn’t just satisfied with looking like her favorite Snapchat filter, she had to sound like it too! For around another $100,000, she will then get her vocal cords altered so that she sounds like she just inhaled helium all of the time.

Emily’s story has inspired other teens to step up and become their favorite filters as well. In Los Angeles, a 22-year old woman is getting a flower crown surgically embedded into her skull and the same eye treatment that Emily received. A similar story comes out of Toronto, where a young man is having his retinas permanently filtered so that everything he sees will look as if it’s been put through the “Hefe” filter on Instagram.

It’s a brave new world for millennials everywhere and a profitable new world for plastic surgeons.

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