This Cis Male Has Been Mansplaining Theoretical Physics for the Past 45 Minutes!

This Cis Male Has Been Mansplaining Theoretical Physics for the Past 45 Minutes!


By: Taylor Brecken

As any of my followers on Instagram know, I’m an intelligent, strong, and capable person. From my adventures in Joshua Tree to straight chillin’ at the vintage DQ with my fav boos, I have seen a lot and learned a lot. So I must ask this man who is standing in front of the chalkboard, what the hell gives you the right to mansplain the complexities of theoretical physics to me? Excuse me, but did I ask you to describe string theory in great detail for an entire 45 minutes? No. You would know that if you read my Tumblr blog.

The only thing more insulting than your need to mansplain everything, is your approach to your mansplaining. Do you really think that my little female brain can’t understand Quantum Chromodynamics without the use of your little pictures on the blackboard? I know a ton of artists and let me be the first to tell you, your pictures suck harder than a blackhole.

Not only do you insist on positioning yourself as some kind of authority on the subject, but the manner in which you go about it is so aggressively macho. Using heteronormative names like “Albert” when referring to Einstein, you are hell-bent on assigning gender to these supposed experts in the field. I’m sorry, but it’s a well known fact, “professor”, that Einstein wore lady shoes pretty much every time he had a good idea, so let’s keep your gender politics out of your argument.

Furthermore, must you assert your alpha male dominance over this entire room full of beautiful individuals by forcing them to raise their hand and be called upon in order to vocalize their questions or, god forbid, their opinions? Um, I didn’t realize that this institute of “education” supported the suppression of unique voices. When you got your PhD from Berkeley, did you also minor in rudeness? If you want to talk science so bad, let’s try a little experiment of the social sciences variety. When we all walk into this theater style room tomorrow, try checking your goddamn privilege at the door. Thanks.

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