Parents Hype Up PBS Period Drama as Next ‘Breaking Bad’

Parents Hype Up PBS Period Drama as Next ‘Breaking Bad’

Tucson, AZ—While visiting home for spring break, college student Derek Chandler was bombarded with enthusiastic pleas to watch the latest PBS period drama by his parents. The descriptions ranged from “surprisingly sexy” to “easily the next Breaking Bad” and Derek owed them for the financial support they had given him while off at school. 8 hours and 1 season of the show later, he was convinced that his parents have no idea what they’re talking about.

The show is called All Creatures Great And Small and its plots are as tedious as its title.The comfort and intrigue that his parents experienced from Victorian era programming was lost on Derek, who grew up watching ISIS beheading videos on the internet. The comparison to Breaking Bad, one of his favorite shows, was insulting to everyone who worked on that show as well as his own intelligence. Did they really think he was that dumb? Was this a test?

Like the last show they tried to sell him on, an abomination called Grantchester, this show had no action, murder, meth, or sex that didn’t take place under several layers of frilly fabrics accurate to the time that the show was set in. The only comparisons that could be made are they both contain moving images, yet his parents were adamant that this one was going to take off.

“It’s trending!” exclaimed his parents, citing two whole Facebook friends of theirs posting about it. The posts weren’t necessarily praising the show either, but simply “eating tuna salad and watching all creatures great and small, let’s go brandon!” While hardly an endorsement of the show’s quality, it did prove that the target audience was at least 40 years older than Derek and 80 IQ points lower. 

Only time will tell if this show will take off and sweep the Emmys, but Derek is ready to defund PBS and hit the bars to hook up with girls he went to high school with immediately.

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