Queer-Coded Disney Villains Reason Why I’m A Huge Piece Of Shit

Queer-Coded Disney Villains Reason Why I’m A Huge Piece Of Shit

By: Tyler Christiansen

It’s no secret that representation in the media plays a huge role in a child’s development. Like many other gay boys, I personally found solace in the fabulously queer villains of Disney movies. They taught me I could be myself, I was allowed to be flamboyant, unabashed, and also the giant fucking asshole I am today.

I’ll never forget my first time watching Beauty and the Beast and seeing Lefou pine over the muscular and misogynistic villain, Gaston. Being exposed to that kind of queer longing was imperative in forming my outlook on MLM relationships and also why I kind of lowkey would never date a fat person.

Or even the wicked Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas, and his extravagant costumes. Werkin’ in those heels as he colonized Indigenous land honey. I felt so empowered seeing a man of such influence defy the norms of masculinity. If it wasn’t for that character, I never would’ve found the power to explore my inner femininity or have fully called my mom a bitch on Thanksgiving.

Proper representation in their youth can have seriously long-lasting effects on a person. I know to this day, I smirk, thinking of the sassy Scar from Lion King, every time I ignore a hungry homeless person. Sometimes I giggle to myself, remembering how fruity Captain Hook was whenever I call the cops on some local kids for being too loud. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those cartoon bad guys who may or may have not been taking it up the butt.

Although I was lucky enough to have these fruitcakes of wrongdoers to look up to, that doesn’t mean the work is done. We need to keep creating queer characters for today’s LGBTQ+ youth. Maybe a drag queen who parks in handicap spaces? Or a male flight attendant who cheats on all his boyfriends? The possibilities are endless!

Together we can work towards implementing diversity in all aspects of children’s media. I know I will…because I have to, this is part of my court ordered community service. Apparently, speeding in a school zone is a big deal nowadays. Whatever.

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