Kid Hawking Hand-Drawn Marvel Characters In Home Room Makes Forbes 10 Under 10 List

Kid Hawking Hand-Drawn Marvel Characters In Home Room Makes Forbes 10 Under 10 List

By: Max Stolte

NEW YORK, NY—Daniel “Danny” Michaelson is setting the bar for a new generation of entrepreneurs and Forbes, among others, is taking note. While other kids his age were eating paste and throwing rocks on the playground, Michaelson was becoming a self-made hundredaire by drawing characters licensed by Marvel and selling them to kids in his home room. Foregoing a candy bar or pack of Pokemon cards, his classmates were eager to get their hands on his creations. The result? A filthy rich young boy with the world on a string.

Michaelson’s entrepreneurial spirit seems to have come out of nowhere. This son of two blue collar workers was self-taught in the ways of exploiting the foolish desires of his peers in exchange for cold hard cash. His start up costs were relatively low: colored pencils, paper, and a smart phone with internet access to look up reference pictures of his favorite Marvel superheroes. After securing those items for Christmas from his parents, Michaelson was ready to rake in some serious moolah.

“I like Spider-Man when he shoots the webs at the bad guys and swings from buildings like ‘whooosh!’ Sometimes I watch the movies with my nana and she doesn’t let me watch when MJ kisses Spider-Man, but I look it up on my phone anyways,” Michaelson told reporters for some reason. “My cousin Jake has a Ford Mustang and it’s really fast,” he continued, apropos of nothing whatsoever.

It’s unclear at this time why Marvel has declined to send so much as a cease and desist to this young businessman, but one thing is for certain: this kid is going places just like his cousin Jake does when he drives his Mustang.

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