Dolphins Are Smart, But Are They Woke AF?

Dolphins Are Smart, But Are They Woke AF?


By: Amanda Brecken

Studies show that dolphins may be as intellectually evolved as humans, perhaps even more so. Their ability to communicate amongst each other may even surpass our own ability to communicate with each other. In fact, dolphins possess problem solving skills, advanced cognition and self-awareness, can solve problems, and even follow recipes. There’s no doubt that dolphins are highly intelligent, but are they “woke af”?

Knowing that dolphins possess this higher level of intelligence, it’s hard not to call to question their wokedness. They have the responsibility as a higher lifeform to call out injustice and fight for equality, yet they continue to lord their superiority over lesser creatures of the ocean. Not once has a dolphin welcomed another species into one of their schools or given a voice to the voiceless creatures of the watery depths. It’s not only socially irresponsible of them, it’s also very unwoke.

Dolphins have been known to exhibit aggressive sexual behaviors amongst themselves as well as against humans, earning them the nickname “the rapists of the sea”. A dolphin will force a female to stay in its herd and the males will take turns mating with her. Scientists have claimed that “maybe they want to be mated with in that manner”, but they sound like a bunch of rape apologists. As far as forcing themselves on humans, that’s about the least woke thing a dolphin can do, yet it happens time and time again.

Can an animal that’s been blessed with such a high functioning brain be excused for being socially unconscious? Is there anything we can do to help these misguided water mammals reach enlightenment without sounding condescending and species-shaming them? This slope is as slippery as the skin on these air breathing fish. If they can band together to fight against sharks, then surely they can join forces and change the toxic culture that is associated with them.