5 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom That Are All Cutting Hot Peppers And Forgetting To Wash Your Hands

5 Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom That Are All Cutting Hot Peppers And Forgetting To Wash Your Hands

If you’re like me, you’ve hunkered down during the past couple years and spent a lot of time indoors. As we all know, one of the main things you can do indoors is fucking. Fucking, sucking, fingering, spanking, spitting, fisting. All of this can get pretty repetitive and dull after a while. Let us help you spice things up, quite literally.

  1. Cut a jalapeño with your partner and mutually masturbate
Jalapeno, Pepper, Hot, Chilli, Spicy, Spice, Mexican

This is sure to add some heat in the bedroom. Not only will you both achieve orgasm on your own terms, you’ll also experience pleasure and pain together, which can be a real bonding moment. Make sure not to wash your hands or else it will just be like you’re jerking off to each other, which is kind of lame.

2. Slice up some habaneros then do some hand stuff

Habanero Peppers, Food, Produce, Table

You can stimulate your partner with just your hands, which frees up your mouth to talk dirty and possibly get some of that habanero juice in there and burn your tongue. These peppers are spicy and guaranteed to leave your lover with passion burning in their loins.

3. Dice some Carolina reapers before anal

Carolina Reaper - Wikipedia

An experienced sex haver and pepper enthusiast knows there is nothing hotter than anal and a Carolina reaper, respectively. When you’re prepping that poopchute with your peppery pointer finger, the burning sensation from the reaper is going to drown out any discomfort from the anal penetration that beginners may feel. 

4. Mince some ghost peppers then fist yourself and your partner simultaneously

Ghost Pepper, Hot, Culinary, Plant, Green Ghost

You’ve graduated from hand stuff. A finger simply won’t do. You also just aren’t feeling the sting from those peppers with lower Scoville Heat Units. Time to step things up and let the spirit of these ghost peppers enter you five fingers at a time. There’s a reason god gave you two hands and only one mouth, because you should fist twice as much as you suck.

5. Chop a Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and have an orgy

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Guide: Heat, Flavor, Uses - PepperScale

You’ve tried everything you can with your partner and now it’s time to introduce some new players to the cast. This isn’t enough for a sexual deviant such as yourself, so to spice things up further you’re going to want to get a pepper with a name that sounds scary and unbearably hot. Hop around the orgy and see as every person you interact with convulses from painful orgasms and runs for the bottles of milk to pour on their scorching genitals.

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