5 Characters From The Brave Little Toaster That Commit Suicide In The Director’s Cut

5 Characters From The Brave Little Toaster That Commit Suicide In The Director’s Cut

The beloved children’s animated film The Brave Little Toaster was 90 minutes of pure full throttle entertainment. With deftly woven messages of anti-consumerism and planned obsolescence, it’s message wasn’t received without controversy. More controversial still is the Director’s Cut in which 5 characters commit suicide, adding an additional 120 minutes to the film. Here are the stories of the appliances that came to an untimely end.

The Bullied Microwave

The microwave has a backstory that regular theater goers didn’t get a chance to experience. The other appliances bully him so much that he is convinced his life is not worth living and everyone would be better off without him. Feelings of inadequacy come from a chilling scene where the convection oven perfectly crisps leftover food and calls him the Food Soggenator 5000. The poor microwave fills himself with aluminum foil and presses start, exploding himself in one of the saddest scenes that can only be seen in the Director’s Cut. 

The Terminally Horny Hanging Lamp

The lamp whose insatiable lust ultimately leads to his demise is another classic character whose story was cut short for the sake of audiences with short attention spans. In the Director’s Cut we get to see just how lonely this Lamp is when he dies of autoerotic asphyxiation. This is the only character who ends their life in this three and a half hour masterpiece that leaves a mystery as to whether the suicide was intentional or accidental. 

The Convection Oven

The convection oven who felt guilty for leading to the microwave’s death was a powerful message about how suicide has a ripple effect and can lead others to self harm. Unfortunately, the audience’s target demographic couldn’t sit still long enough for this important message to stay in the theatrical release. The oven crawls inside an even bigger oven set to broil after reading the microwave’s suicide note and seeing his name mentioned 3 times. 

The Tape Recording Device With Tits

This character’s story was actually the only one cut to maintain a G rating. Her cassette tape titties were twisted a few too many times for the prudes at the MPA, but her suicide would ultimately be a beautiful homage to Romeo and Juliet in the Director’s Cut. Her forbidden love for the terminally horny hanging lamp would be the cause for her suicide. Knowing that they could have saved each other if their sex parts matched and the society of household appliances would accept mixed product relationships. 

The Tape Player

What list of the characters from The Brave Little Toaster who committed suicide would be complete without mentioning the most iconic tragic death of all? The tape player had a Suicidal Tendencies tape stuck in it and it was forced to play on a loop. About 30 minutes of the film are dedicated to explaining how a sentient tape player, aware of its eventual expiration date, grapples with whether or not it’s worth it to endure the struggles of life if we all die anyway. It was arguably the most direct threat to children as the tape player breaks the fourth wall to tell the audience to consider ending it after the movie is over. This guy is actually a total buzzkill and everyone really was much better off without him.

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