Time Traveler Unsure If Fading Tattoo Of Dead Brother Good Or Bad Thing

Time Traveler Unsure If Fading Tattoo Of Dead Brother Good Or Bad Thing

By: Martin McSwim

LOUISVILLE, KY (1992)—Caroline Gimble, having recently harnessed the power of space and time, traveled back to the year that her parents met each other. Since she was a child, the romantic story of their meeting has warmed her heart and she had to witness it for herself. While she tried her best to remain a spectator and not meddle in the affairs of the past, she found herself intwined in several plot lines that may have shifted the course of the future. As Gimble affected the course of history, she noticed that the tattoo she got in remembrance of her deceased brother has started to fade more rapidly than a normal tattoo would.

“I have no idea what this could mean. Did I mess something up to where he may not be born at all? Or maybe someone I talked to was inspired to create a cure for the disease that took his life. I have no idea what this means,” a distressed Gimble recorded into a Sony Talkboy and left in the attic of what would become Word Brothel’s headquarters. 

Enclosed in an envelope dated June 12th, 1992 were several Polaroids of the tattoo at varying degrees of fadedness. The question of whether she had erased her brother from existence or saved his life became too much for her to bare. The recording went on to describe how she attended her parent’s high school prom and rapped an Eminem song over an Aerosmith guitar riff that really got the crowd moving and distracted her for a brief moment from the either grave or happy mistake she had made.

“I honestly might just vibe out here in the 90s as an adult since the future sucks and I might have killed my brother before he was even born,” Gimble said in the final sentence of the recording. An obituary from September 11, 2001 confirms that a “Jennifer Gamble” who bares an uncanny resemblance to Caroline died in New York from a non-terrorist related ailment. Her brother, Mark Gimble, is presently alive and well. He now has a tattoo of his dearly departed sister Caroline. 

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