This Pinky And The Brain Fan Theory Will Bend Your Childhood Over Backwards, Destroy Your Grasp On Reality

This Pinky And The Brain Fan Theory Will Bend Your Childhood Over Backwards, Destroy Your Grasp On Reality
By: Maximilian Stolte

It’s there, sitting right in front of us this whole time. Pinky and The Brain: two mice who are self-proclaimed by the title as “a genius” and “insane”. Less astute viewers would fall for the misdirection and believe that The Brain is the genius and the doofus Pinky is insane. That assertion couldn’t be further from the truth of what the geniuses behind this show had in mind.

As the theme song lyrics state, one of them is a genius and the other insane. Since The Brain tries to take over the world every night of his life, it can be concluded that he is criminally insane. After all, the definition is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Granted, he has a different plan every episode, but that doesn’t change the fact that the catalyst for world domination is undeniably insane.

All of this being said, Pinky is our genius. So what does that mean for or theory? That Pinky is our unlikely hero. His destructive and comical mistakes often lead to the duos inevitable demise each and every night. According to this theory, Pinky is responsible for the foiling of all of The Brain’s insane plots for a global overtake by two lab mice. Which means that these aren’t accidents, but purposeful sabotages set forth by our hero: Pinky.

At this point of the theory, your childhood has been smashed to brittle pieces and your already loose grasp on reality lost, to the point that no psychiatrist or psychologist could repair your fragile mind. This is also the point where readers whose parent’s pay for Hulu can relive these nostalgic truths. Upon rewatching, Pinky is the world’s greatest actor in that he pretends to be mentally insufficient in order to reach his goal: the salvation of all living things on our planet.

To imagine the sacrifice of one single lab mouse, who would go unnoticed for decades, nay centuries, had this article never been published, is insurmountably important to the human race. As if the writer’s of this children’s animated series from the 90’s were handed down the words from God himself, the lesson seems to ring forever true in the minds and hearts of viewers worldwide: good will always conquer evil.

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