Tamagotchi Introduces New Digital Pets That Comprehend Death

Tamagotchi Introduces New Digital Pets That Comprehend Death

By: Daniel Wightkin

EL SEGUNDO, CACalling it a revolution for the digital pet simulation genre, Bandai America announced Tuesday that their new Tamagotchi game features pets that comprehend the concept of death. “From the day they hatch, these adorable Tamagotchi are completely cognizant of their mortality and the fact that life is fleeting. This opens up many exciting new gameplay elements, with players helping their pet grapple with their temporary digital existence,” said Bandai in a press release.

Developers boast that this version keeps the traditional happiness and hunger status bars while adding an anxiety bar that, if not kept low through meaningless distractions, might send a Tamagotchi into a deep existential crisis. “Knowing that their demise is inevitable effects every pet differently and will shape their personality. Some might be thankful for the chance at life and decide to live every day to its fullest, while others might blame the user for bringing them into the world and lash out against them in a nihilistic rage.”

The release confirmed that the new edition also updates and adapts old features of the original Tamagotchi, such as turning the lights off and on. “They can now be used to try and rouse a Tamagotchi that refuses to get out of bed because it knows everything is meaningless and time erases all,” continued Bandai, saying these new anxious and angsty animals would be available for adoption late 2019. “This exciting next phase of Tamagotchi includes new games like ‘Avoid the Void’ which can be played with your pets as you both whittle away at what little time you have left on this planet.”

Concluding the press release, Bandai America also confirmed that these new Tamagotchi can also feel physical pain, and feature fragile outer shells which hurt the pet if damaged or broken.


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