Man’s Happiest Memory Writing Trending Post On Reddit

Man’s Happiest Memory Writing Trending Post On Reddit

By: Tanya Kornilovich

Evanston, IL — Trevor Gibbons, CPA and Joe Rogan fan, has been chasing the high that he felt six months ago when one of his posts made the front page of Reddit. Gibbons has finally embraced his court ordered therapist’s exercise of manifesting his most important accomplishments by writing them down and making a dream board. His most popular Reddit post is listed along with the birth of this niece, the day he saw Janet Jackson’s nipple, and the premiere of Happy Feet. 

Gibbons, who is a frequent contributor to the subreddits r/birdswitharms, r/exmormon, and r/FestivalSluts, and has had the distinct honor of starting the most subreddits that have subsequently been banned, spends about 18 hours a day on reddit. Gibbons accomplishes this task by redditing on his commute to and from work, using the incognito function at work to satiate his redditing desires, and drinking 2 liters of Monsters a day. 

Six months ago, Gibbons posted a video of a squirrel eating doritos, which rose to #12 on the front page for 7 hours and led to a short-lived meme. During that glorious moment of glory, he posted a link on his Facebook, LinkedIn, Tinder, OKCupid, and Seeking Arrangements accounts. “It led to 4 likes on Facebook and a furry request on Tinder,” Gibbons said as he started to tear up. 

Gibbons has been spending his weekends scouring the parks for similar kooky squirrels with one eye while continuing to reddit through his Google Glasses. “Posting that video of Dorito Squirrel was the most exhilarating moment of my life. For whatever reason, my other posts about calling women sluts have never made the front page of reddit.” 

For now, every Saturday and Sunday Gibbons can be found circling trees in public parks in Evanston. He can also be reached at OKCupid account where he goes by Chad Anderson, a personal trainer. 

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