I Want To Sleep With My Old Piano Teacher, Tensions In Middle East Escalate

I Want To Sleep With My Old Piano Teacher, Tensions In Middle East Escalate

By: Adrian Piazza

KANSAS CITY, MO/TEL AVIV, IL—Over the last couple months of isolation, this reporter has found himself recounting times in his past where he felt a strong emotional or physical connection—one that he longs for today. A flood of memories invaded his mind like Israeli troops will likely invade parts of the West Bank if Prime Minister Netanyahu annexes Palestinian territories therein. 

She was an older woman and would have been grey of hair if it weren’t for the bright pinks or greens she would dye it. She was an old hippie woman who graduated from Julliard and taught me piano in exchange for help around the yard and house. It was a beautiful symbiotic relationship between a college aged man and a kind elderly woman. Palestinian leadership has refused medical aid through an Israeli airport in Tel Aviv as it would “normalize ties with Israel”. 

The way her hands would touch mine to help me get in better playing position was a gentle and warm embrace that would be most welcomed in these lonely times. One night I found myself wondering, if she had initiated sexual contact, would I have welcomed it? Perhaps I would have taken it for granted and let my youthful prejudice cloud my judgement. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has taken action to halt security coordination with Jerusalem. Once hopeful talks of peace appear to be out of the question with both sides refusing to back down.

I imagine she would be a generous and experienced lover. I had on more than one occasion seen her socialize with men and women of her age in a manner that seemed more than friendly. Knowing what I know now, I would embrace her in a night of pure ecstasy, our bodies and souls merging for a brief moment as we reach simultaneous climax. It seems to be an endless struggle over holy land that will not be alleviated until both sides compromise. With communications cut and agreements ignored, the Israeli Palestinian conflict will likely continue until everyone who is alive now is dead. It will be up to the progeny of our generation to keep the flame of this never-ending quarrel lit until humanity is extinguished in one fiery blaze. 

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