Horrible New Disease Epidemic Transmitted By Smoking Marijuana

Horrible New Disease Epidemic Transmitted By Smoking Marijuana

By: Dr. Simon Ford

While marijuana has some medicinal qualities and is relatively safe for users, new problems have arisen from the substances unregulated use such as over indulging in edibles and cartridges cut with dangerous lung collapsing additives. Now an even more looming threat is on the horizon: Ganjarrhea, a strain of STD that can be transmitted by sharing marijuana with other users.

This disease is so contagious that sexual contact is not necessary to transmit it to others. All it takes is one hit off of an infected joint, blunt, bong etc. to contract the disease. It can then be transmitted through unprotected sex, not unlike it’s close relative gonorrhea. In fact the diseases are so similar, testing will likely confuse the two until science can distinguish them.

Here are what some people suffering from the affliction had to say.

It’s truly disturbing that a plant most of America wants to make legal is responsible for spreading contagious diseases and sewing the seeds of mistrust in so many relationships.

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