Was The Grateful Dead’s Music Influenced By Drugs? Shocking New Evidence Suggests Yes

Was The Grateful Dead’s Music Influenced By Drugs? Shocking New Evidence Suggests Yes


By: Maximilian Stolte

Over 50 years ago, rock and roll innovators The Grateful Dead stepped on to the scene and, through improvisational jams and heavy touring, changed the music industry as we knew it. Once lauded as the most wholesome and family friendly band of their time, shocking new evidence shows that their music may have been influenced by the use of illegal drugs.

While other bands and musicians were openly involved in drug culture, The Grateful Dead was all about the music. Rather than some after effect of heavy drug use, their music was the product of ideals like friendship and love for one’s fellow man. Or so we thought. It’s safe to say nobody saw what would come next.

A photo posted by rhythm guitarist and old-timey beard enthusiast Bob Weir of himself in front of marijuana plants is causing quite the controversy amongst long time listeners of the band. While some are defending him and comparing this out of character meltdown to the likes of Miley Cyrus rebelling against her Disney kid persona, others believe that he’s secretly been a druggie this entire time.

“It’s like finding out the freaking pope is actually a serial murderer. Is nothing sacred anymore? I just can’t believe it,” Sapphire Moonbeam told reporters. Sapphire has toured with the band since the 70s and seen well over 200 shows.

Who would have known that behind those frontier face pubes and charming smile that this man was actually a bonafide weedhead? He should be grateful that he isn’t brain dead after using dangerous drugs like marijuana and hashish. Some have speculated that he could be negatively influencing the all-American, baby-faced heartthrob John Mayer as the two tour the country playing with Dead and Company. Only time will tell, but we at Word Brothel would advise Mayer to stay away from the stuff and treat your body like a temple when around this junkie, for his body is a wonderland we don’t want to see turned into a wasteland after a case of the “munchies”.

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