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6 Internet Acronyms Coined By Historical Figures

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6. “FML” -Edgar Allan Poe That’s right, the American author EAP was the first to coin the term “FML” or Fuck My Life. Best known for his dark and depressing fiction and thought by many historians to have died by suicide, he actually sent this acronym for the first time by carrier pigeon to his dear friend Mortimer about a time that his cat knocked his inkwell onto a page of his poems. 5. “BRB” & “NVM” -Amelia Earhart  Besides her accomplishments in creating two widely used internet acronyms of the modern day, Amelia Earhart was also the first woman…

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Dog Pedigrees: Most Overlooked Form Of Institutional Racism

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Jan. 16, 2016 Year after year purebred dogs compete for best in show and year after year these competitions further the need for discussion of the most pressing social issue of our time: purebred privilege. It’s 2016 and it is as prevalent now as ever, and it’s not about heritage and genealogy; it’s the most blatant form of institutional racism. It’s not just about acknowledging the privileges that purebred dogs have, but the struggle that mixed-breed dogs face. They don’t understand what it’s like to be out on a walk and hear someone call them the M word (mutt or…

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