What Happened To Thinking For Yourself?

What Happened To Thinking For Yourself?


Dear Lech,

What happened to thinking for yourself? -WakeUpAndThink

So I’ve been thinking about this subject for awhile, but I just couldn’t do it. Turns out I don’t know what to write down because well, no one is telling what to write. I’ve been drinking the damn “.com” Kookaid for so long I don’t even know how to conjugate sentences most times. I just speak in memes and hope people follow along.

When I was younger my brain was like Sir Edmund Hillary, ready to take on the challenge of climbing Mt. Everest for the first time. Now I’m like one of the guys at base camp looking up, smoking the root grass of whatever I just dug up growing around me. Thinking, maybe I’ll just chill down here and wait for them to tell me how cool it was up there.

Think man! (or woman, that’s cool too). If you really want something, you have to create and cave and mold that idea into whatever species of alien monstrosity you wish to cast upon the world. Hah YES today! Today! From now on I will not read different news outlets’ spin that they throw at me trying to decipher that shit like Indian Jones. I will stop checking the weather from my bed in the morning and just say fuck it, it’s probably still cold outside.

I heard a great quote once in relevance to the present day situation. It states “Wisdom is being replaced by knowledge, and knowledge is being replaced by information”. So there you go, there’s a bit of information for you. Now you have the knowledge of it’s understanding and hopefully the wisdom to to see it’s meaning.

So I ask you friends, go sit on that damn toilet today, make your parents proud and just go think for yourself for once! Uhhhh, it might start with making sure to check if you have any back up toilet paper underneath the sink. Smh.

Word Brothel