5 Photos Of My Aunt Helen Who Says Any Girl Would Be Lucky To Date Me

5 Photos Of My Aunt Helen Who Says Any Girl Would Be Lucky To Date Me

By: Bryson Allagash

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my kick ass Aunt Helen (let me drink a beer) this past weekend for her birthday. While I was there I snapped some photos on my new camera she got me for graduation. She was surprised at how much I had grown the past year and twice as surprised that I didn’t have a girlfriend. Needless to say that she had some opinions on the matter, but she had to put those on hold while we took some really great photographs.

  1. Aunt Helen on Cell Phone (2019)

    This photo is of my Aunt Helen calling my mom to tell her that we’ve been having a great time and that it’s absolutely insane that I don’t have a girlfriend, right? That I was a total catch. She went on to say that I got accepted into a great college and did well in school so I’ll definitely be swarming with chicks by the end of the semester.


2. Aunt Helen with Dexter The Lab (2019)         

This one is featuring my favorite dog in the world…Dexter! Dexter is a good boy, but my aunt says that about me too. Right after we took this one she said, “You’re gonna make some girl very happy.” I don’t know when that will be, but maybe the girl is reading this right now? 😉 lol jk…unless???


3. Aunt Helen on iPad (2019)

It took a while to get her acclimated, but Aunt Helen loved the iPad my mom and dad got her for her birthday. I showed her how to set up all her apps and keep them organized while she commented on my physique and how strong I was now. I helped carry things for her while I stayed and she bet that I had to beat the girls off me with a stick. So far that hasn’t been a problem.


4. Aunt Helen Hinge Profile Pic (2019)

This one we took for Aunt Helen’s Hinge dating app we set up on her iPad. She said she’s too old to go out and meet men her age and most of them she could meet are single for a reason. She also said for a handsome eligible bachelor like me, the world was my oyster and that I’d be breaking hearts everywhere I go for the next ten years. Not sure what that means, but I think it’s a compliment.


5. Aunt Helen Morning Coffee

This, the final of my five photos, was my favorite. The coffee mug compliments her shirt and eye color in a way only my aunt could compliment me and tell me how I’m gonna find the right girl and when I do to treat her right and not be a coward and leave when things got tough like Uncle Jack. Which was awkward because my parents said not to bring up his name while I was staying there and I didn’t. But then she brought it up and I was all like…ummmm. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photos and if you want to, follow me on Twitter @brysonsays. Send me a DM if you’re single and going to DePaul University in Chicago.

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