Person On Acid Mistakes Message From Higher Power For Mere Coincidence

Person On Acid Mistakes Message From Higher Power For Mere Coincidence

By: Ellis D. Trippington

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Late last night or early this morning, depending on how you view the social construct that is time, local hippie Doug Sherman was in the throes of an intense psychedelic experience under the influence of LSD. Amidst the barrage of visual distortions, he was bombarded with epiphanies about the world around him and the interconnectivity of all living things. His first inclination was that a higher power was reaching out and teaching him valuable life lessons, but these were all immediately written off as coincidences by Sherman.

“All of the sudden I started noticing patterns about how the most minuscule interaction could effect people and things drastically. I contemplated my past, present, and future and thought maybe I should be more mindful about my surroundings and behavior. Then I realized it was just the drugs and all of these things were merely coincidental,” Sherman said before crashing on his couch with a jug of water next to him.

Little did Sherman know that mystical forces were at work. What some would call God, others may refer to it as a spiritual neural network that can be tapped into through usage of psychedelic, was definitely reaching out to him. Artemis Treeflower, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and regularly contributes to Spirit Science, concluded that Sherman’s experience was a higher plain of consciousness and no mere coincidence.

“We see what we want to,” Treeflower explained. “When we take drugs like mushrooms or LSD, our hyper-awareness allows us to see what we need to see, not just what we want. It’s no coincidence that young Douglass was making those connections at that time. He really does need to be more mindful of his relationships with his family and should probably get his life together and contribute more to society.”

Sherman is still not convinced. “Like, even if there was a God or something we can’t see but drives our decisions and whatever, that’s not what happened to me. I just happened to notice certain things at the right time and almost tricked myself into thinking some divine entity was the cause. Maybe I’ll act on some of my revelations, but that seems like a lot of work.”

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