No Politics Here! Just A Bunch Of Non Sequiturs Splashed On A Page

No Politics Here! Just A Bunch Of Non Sequiturs Splashed On A Page

We’re all gettin sick of the politics and now that Biden is president instead of Tump we can go back to ignoring them completely. Here are a bunch of apolitical statements with no thematic connection whatsoever. Enjoy!

Back to the Future II should have been called Back to the Past. The boy and creepy old scientist travel to the future and now must return to the past. Then, logically, Back to the Future III would change it’s name to Back to the Future II since it is the second movie where they are stuck in the past. This would probably make it confusing for viewers to know what order to watch the films in and ruin Biff’s character arc.

And so you might think a reverse Cerberus would be a cat with three heads, but it would actually look more like a dog with three asses to sniff. That’s something to chew on.

That fuckin’ owl from the Tootsie Pop commercials thinks he is better than you just because he graduated? Anyone with half a brain would know you take the hat off after the ceremony and probably not be on an endangered species list.

It’s like my grandma always said, “Never trust a phone you can’t play Snake on.” And she’s dead now so it’s disrespectful if you disagree.

Which is why Russian nesting dolls are a metaphor for a woman’s right to choose…JIF peanut butter. Almost made this about p*litics.

It’s like this, a morning dump is always better than a right before bed dump and both are preferable to a middle of the night dump. Kind of weird how a dump collects our waste when it’s a landfill, but when it’s referring to dookie it does the opposite.

Which leads us to the logical conclusion that Reese’s Pieces rhymes alright, but they aren’t really pieces of the original candy, which contains no shell.

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