Local Woman Finds Good Reason To Cancel Visit To Grandma’s House, For Once

Local Woman Finds Good Reason To Cancel Visit To Grandma’s House, For Once

By: Nick Coffman

CHICAGO, ILSusan Westley is canceling her monthly plans with her grandmother for the fourth month in a row, but this time she’s doing it for her grandmother. Westley, a fifth-year Senior at Northwestern University, cited the COVID-19 quarantine and her grandmother’s medical history as the reasons for her latest cancellation.

“If I’m being honest, I was just going to flake out on Nana to watch Tiger King on Netflix, but it feels great to have a good excuse to cancel this time around,” Westley stated. 

“I know it kills Nana inside when I can’t visit, but it could have literally killed her this time if I hadn’t canceled.” When asked about the previous cancelations, Westley struggled to recall her given excuses. “I was having really bad cramps one day and there was no way I would have survived the hour-long train ride out to Geneva like that.”

Westley had planned to go out for brunch at the IHOP down the street from her Nana’s retirement community. “I love my Nana, and I’m staying home for her safety and the safety of others,” Westley stated as she texted a friend to set up a Zoom and chill session.

When we spoke with Nana over FaceTime (once she figured our how to flip her camera), she stated she was not surprised by her granddaughter’s latest cancelation. “Susan has been practicing social distancing with me way before it was hip to be socially distant.”

Nana was pleasantly surprised that her granddaughter was thinking about her during the pandemic. “She at least called to cancel this time around,” Nana continued. “Susan usually only calls me when she needs bail money for a friend’s DUI or instructions on how to use the slow cooker.”

Nana is not letting her flakey granddaughter get her down though. “You learn to improvise when people ghost you.” Nana stated. “After brunch I was going to ask if she wanted to watch Tiger King on Netflix, but I guess I’ll just binge it with Carlos down in 2B.”

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