Counting Crows Spotted in Kansas, Counting Crows

Counting Crows Spotted in Kansas, Counting Crows

By: Jennifer Allman

HUTCHISON, KS–Beloved American rock band, Counting Crows, was spotted in Hutchinson, Kansas early last Sunday. The rock group was found outside of the Dutch Kitchen restaurant on Highway 61. All-time Counting Crows fan, Russell Richardson, paused as he parked his 2002 Toyota Tacoma (which is in pretty good condition, all things considered) and peered across the lot. Richardson moseyed over to inquire about the band’s presence.

Says Richardson, “I figured they were a playin’ at Hutchinson High School’s Annual Turkey-in-the-straw Thanksgiving Day Square Dance. But I hadta ask ‘em myself.”

Richardson approached and found the band standing very still, mumbling to themselves. Counting Crows weren’t just mumbling however, they were counting. “I couldn’t fer dern sake see what they were a countin’ but it was something out in the field, just past Darryl Horne’s farm,” says Richardson.  

When Richardson finally cleared their throat and inquired as to what the band was doing, Adam Duritz (Counting Crows lead vocalist) whispered, “Sssh! We’re counting crows!” Richardson guffawed and said, “Well you don’t gotta tell me who you are! But what are y’all doin’ here?” Jim Bogios, Counting Crows drummer, replied “We said be quiet! We’re counting crows!”

This went on for another 17 minutes as Richardson went through this exact same interaction with each band member. Eventually, Richardson looked up and realized what they all had been staring at. A murder of crows were circling above Darryl Horne’s fields and the band members were in fact, counting them. Richardson stated, “It was incredible. There were so many. We counted ‘em together. Me and Counting Crows counted all them crows, 1…2…3…4.., just like that. It was magic.”

When asked about their numerative venture, bassist Millard Powers stated, “It just really helps remind us of our identity, like how we are who we are, ya know?” The band’s new performance piece is growing rapidly in popularity, even gaining notice among their music friend-base.

The band Kansas took to twitter last week stating, “Heading to #boston to count #countingcrows count crows.” An hour later the band, Boston, tweeted back “Counting #kansas in #boston count #countingcrows count crows.” Which leaves us with only one question: How many Kansases counting Counting Crows count crows could Boston count, if Boston could count Kansas counting Counting Crows count crows?

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