Cinema Secrets: Shrek the Halls

Cinema Secrets: Shrek the Halls

By: Brad Pike

We all know the holiday classic Shrek the Halls, but did you know these surprising behind-the-scenes
facts about the film?

  • In the original screenplay, Shrek has never heard of Judaism but after studio notes, Shrek was
    changed to be Jewish.
  • It grossed $900 billion opening weekend.
  • It’s the first film for which the MPAA requested longer sex scenes.
  • This is Mike Myers’ final film before he went missing.
  • The scene of Fiona’s c-section is based on a dream Cameron Diaz has had every single night of
    her life.
  • Animators gave the characters moist wet skin to make them appear more realistic in the swampy environment.
  • All mouths were filmed in live action.
  • Due to an animation glitch, if you look closely, Pinnochio has 400 legs, no eyes, and is floating in
    every scene.
  • Shrek’s 3 children are voiced by 3 real babies who are now missing.
  • Animators referenced medical corpses operated by wires and cables for character movements.
  • During the Christmas dinner, Louis CK appears as himself.
  • In the original screenplay, when Fiona mentions the meaning of Christmas, it’s revealed Shrek
    has never heard of Jesus Christ. The Fairy Godmother magically zaps Shrek back in time to
    witness Jesus’ birth, and through various hijinks, Shrek helps deliver baby Jesus. But in the final
    film, it was changed to a miscarriage.
  • When we first see Donkey, he’s reading the Mueller Report.
  • There are no plants (trees, grass, etc.) in the film.
  • Millions of audience members reported they “shidded, farded, and camed” their pants during screenings.
  • 85 pages of the script is spent describing Shrek’s skin.
  • Sharp eyed audience members will notice every princess is pregnant.
  • During Gingerbread Man’s Christmas speech, he references the Virginia Tech massacre which wouldn’t happen for several months after the premiere.
  • The scene in which Shrek’s family feasts on live bedbugs has over 200 trillion polygons and took 3 years to animate.
  • Prince Suckinfux’s name is actually a subtle joke for adult viewers.
  • Whenever Shrek looks in the mirror, Mike Myers’ face is reflected only he’s very old.
  • This film is 4.5 hours longer than the previous Shrek film, World War Shrek.
  • It’s the first film to premiere simultaneously on Pornhub Premium.
  • The word “ovarian” is said over 200 times.
  • Due to budgetary restraints, all characters are hairless.
  • Puss in Boots does not appear in the film because he was murdered.
  • Santa Claus is voiced by the late John McCain.
  • Shrek never bleeds despite being cut and stabbed multiple times.
  • In the original screenplay, in order to preserve the space-time continuum, Shrek must take
    Jesus’ place and live out his entire life, death, and resurrection with help from his magical
    friends. In the final film, his resurrection was cut and Shrek stays dead.
  • When Shrek is crucified, Donkey says “My God, my God, why have you forsaken your child! Now
    who’s gonna eat these croissants?” This is a verse from the bible.
  • Cameron Diaz sings the cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” during the montage of Fiona putting muscle relaxant for dogs in her children’s food.
  • During production, Eddie Murphy wrote a letter for the police if he went missing, but the letter was burned. He is now missing.
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