9 Photos Of Dogs So Cute They Will Literally Prolapse Your Anus

9 Photos Of Dogs So Cute They Will Literally Prolapse Your Anus

We all love cute dogs and when one finds themselves without one to cuddle up with, looking at pictures of them on the internet is the next best thing. Here you have it dog lovers: 9 pictures of cute dogs. Be warned, however, that these dogs are so cute that your rectum will literally leave your body after looking at these pictures.


  1. This puppy is hanging out with some pigs! How cute is that? Cute enough that you had better stop looking at this list if you care about your rectal health.

2. Oh no. Don’t look now. It’s an absolutely adorable husky pup just asking to be squeezed! Kind of how you’ll be squeezing your sphincter to try to keep your insides from falling out if you continue looking at this list!

3. This beauty just has “good boy” written all over him. Cuteness overload? Please consult a doctor before continuing this list.

4. In the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson’s character John Arnold in Jurassic Park, “Hold on to your butts!” This dog is having a birthday and it’s making our insides want to leave our bodies!

5. A dog’s work is never done! Speaking of getting work done, you’re going to want to consider looking up rectal reconstruction surgery if you keep reading this list! Last warning.

6. You were warned. You didn’t listen. Now your anus will be prolapsed and it will be hard to sit or use the bathroom. Just look at that tongue hanging out! Awwwww!!!!

7. OMG! This newborn little baby is the icing on this exploding asshole cake!

8. If you’ve scrolled this far you have serious issues and we are starting to think you wanted your butthole to exit your internal body and see the light of day in a painful display of ignorance! Shame on you.

9. Time to call the doctor, because when you see this last picture of 5 times the dogs you’ve seen in any other picture on this list, you’re in some deep shit. We promised 9 pictures so here you go, you sick fuck.

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