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Fraternity Hazing Includes Hanging Out With Desmond

By: Jack Hutsey LAWRENCE, KS The freshman pledge class of the Pi Omicron Gamma Fraternity knew there would be hazing, but nothing could’ve prepared them for what they have experienced in the past six weeks. Other fraternities on campus are famous for their embarrassing stunts like streaking nude through the library and asking Ms. Crobbins, the octogenarian librarian who always says yes, out on a date. However, the brothers of P.O.G. had a hazing ace up their sleeve that nobody was ready for. “Cleaning, getting yelled at, wall-sits, beer runs, picking people up,” P.O.G. house president Devin “Truck Nutz” Pfeifferberg… … Keep Reading


School Shootings Hit Record Low This Summer Despite Unchanged Gun Laws

By: Harold Castle Washington D.C.—Amidst demonstrations from students demanding gun reform and an unwavering NRA funded GOP, the number of incidents involving guns in schools has dropped to almost zero this summer. While it’s too early to know exactly why this phenomena is happening, some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have a hunch it’s no coincidence. Arizona Senator John McCain attributes the decline to the rising temperatures. “When it’s nice outside everyone is happy. There’s no wonder we aren’t seeing mass shootings in schools this summer. I’m not saying climate change is real, but if it were would it be that… … Keep Reading


Too Cool For School: This Kid Was Ditching Class Long Before Students Were Protesting Gun Violence

By: Maximilian Stolte MIAMI, FL—Students across America have been walking out of class and demonstrating their first amendment right to protest. With elected government officials engaging in a dialogue with some of these students, it seems that these children may actually have an impact on an otherwise stagnant debate on gun laws. This is all great news for students, except Todd Porter, who has been walking out of school for way longer and has received no national attention. “I just hate school. It’s dumb as hell and if I don’t feel like being there that day I just leave,” an… … Keep Reading

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