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Meryl Streep Seen Throwing Away Plans For House Made Entirely Of Oscar Statues

By: Ross Childs HOLLYWOOD, CA — Another Oscar night has come and gone, and many artists walked away with a coveted gold statue. One person, however, seems to have been snubbed by the awards again this year. Meryl Streep did not win for Best Actress this year, much to her chagrin, as she was seen disposing of plans to build a summer home out of Oscar statues in a Hollywood waste basket. Meryl Streep received the Best Actress nomination for her role opposite Tom Hanks in The Post: a 2017 Drama that my mom told me was good. This was… … Keep Reading


The Actor Who Plays Daniel Day-Lewis Announces His Retirement From The Character

6/26/2017 By: Jason Elewski If someone were to ask you to name the greatest Hollywood character from the last century, there would be no dispute if your answer was Daniel Day-Lewis. So it comes a shock to the film industry and acting community that the actor behind the character Daniel Day-Lewis, Josh Galluccio, has announced his retirement. In perfect Galluccio form, the announcement was made just days after his character, Daniel Day-Lewis, announced his retirement from films. Praised for his commitment to the character for over 60 years, Josh Galluccio has accumulated a wealth of award-winning film credits as Daniel… … Keep Reading


Oscar Nominees Who Didn’t Win Release Their Acceptance Speeches

2/28/2017 Each year at the Oscars, America looks forward to hearing the nominees who win best actor/actress. Their speeches are so well written and delivered that they are both a reflection of their acting abilities as well as their personhood. Sometimes political, sometimes personal, oftentimes a perfect cross section of the two. Unfortunately for us, we don’t get to hear the speeches that were prepared by all of the nominees, just the winners…Until now! Ryan Gosling “There’s never a good way to objectively judge something as arbitrary as acting, but having said that, I’d like to say that Donald Trump… … Keep Reading

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