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STUDY: Those Eight Spiders You Swallow In Your Sleep Can Lay Eggs

By: Zack Peercy (Burlington, VT) – Despite recent widespread acceptance of the fact that the average human swallows eight spiders in a lifetime, a new study from the University of Vermont is here to say that those eight spiders we all swallow can lay eggs. In fact, they probably already have. The study, conducted by UVM’s Biology department’s Masters candidates, provides key symptoms for anyone to self-diagnose that they definitely have live spiders actively laying eggs that will hatch inside their stomachs. Seven Key Symptoms: Waking Up With Scratchy Throat A sore or scratchy throat in the morning is a… … Keep Reading


8 Things To Be Happy About In These Trying Times

11/10/2016 The 2016 Election has caused upheaval and unrest across the 50 states as President elect Donald Trump prepares to take the most important position in our country and possibly the world. It may be hard for some to accept the fact that this controversial figure will be responsible for making policies that affect our everyday lives. We here at Word Brothel would like to offer a small beacon of hope with some things to be happy about during these most trying times. 8. Eggs Eggs are an excellent source of protein, they give us the strength we need to… … Keep Reading

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