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Youths On Mission Trip Help African Village, Forget To Plug Christ

By: Maxmilian Stolte BOLGATANGA, GHANA— After helping to provide clean water and food to impoverished villagers and build a school, a youth group of Texas missionaries from St. Joseph’s Church in Bryan, TX made the unforgivable mistake of going on their way without mentioning Jesus whatsoever. While their efforts and cultural influence will not be forgotten by the locals, the salvation of Jesus Christ will not be enjoyed by those who reaped the rewards of good deeds in His holy name. Taylor Robbins, 17, said she didn’t realize the error until they were at the airport. “I felt a great… … Keep Reading


Man Afraid Country Becoming Sharia Law Police State Content With Current Christian Law Police State

By: Maximilian Stolte LAFAYETTE, LA—America and Europe’s white and Christian populations have become increasingly emboldened to physically and verbally attack Muslim minorities in their countries. A flyer passed around the UK titled “Punish A Muslim Day” may be the most blatant example of the intolerance toward people of the Muslim faith. One reason cited, and one that really resonates with local pipe fitter Bubba Thompson, is the fear that their country’s current Christian law police state will be replaced with a Sharia law police state. “We live in a country that makes laws based on the religion that I believe… … Keep Reading


Santa Forgets All Non-Christian Households Again

By: Jake Dierksheide SANTA’S COTTAGE, NORTH POLE  – “Aw no, aw geez, I KNEW Asia and Africa went way too quickly!” Kris Kringle exclaimed as he pulled his reindeer into their stable. Upon returning from a long Christmas Eve of delivering presents around the world, the man affectionately referred to as ‘Santa’ was mortified to find that his bag of toys was almost entirely full of undelivered gifts addressed to children of non-Christians. This marks the 244th Christmas in a row that this exact same mistake has been made. Ramesh Romperla, a Hindu resident of Hyderabad India, laments this fact… … Keep Reading

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