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The Last Straw: This Woman Broke Up With All Of Her Friends After They Forgot Galentine’s Day… AGAIN

By: Jason Elewski CHICAGO, IL—Valentine’s Day is a drag. It’s nothing more than a “corporate Hallmark Frankenstein’s monster created in the name of making more dollars for the failing greeting card industry.” At least that’s what Chelsea Crackers has been saying for the past 5 years and precisely why she doesn’t celebrate the occasion. But rather than ignoring the day entirely, Chelsea opted to celebrate with her single besties on what she calls Galentine’s Day. Every year, Crackers looks forward to the opportunity to honor the bonds that she and her girlfriends have built and just let loose while “those… … Keep Reading


Anna Faris, A Family Guy Mom And Chris Pratt, An American Dad Dad: The Real Reason Behind The Couple’s Break

10/18/2017 By: Jennifer Allman LOS ANGELES, CA— Love is dead. We all know it, but now we know why. America’s sweethearts, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt shocked the country with the news of their separation. Perhaps more shocking is the real reason behind the couple’s split: an irreparable feud between the two’s preferences for Seth MacFarlane television programs. Anna Faris prefers the lovable, accidental witticisms of Peter Griffin while Chris Pratt can’t let go of his adoration for big-chinned Stan Smith. We can’t fault these two for their disagreement. Their fates were sealed at birth. Faris grew up in Baltimore… … Keep Reading


5th Grader Breaks Up With Tinder Girlfriend He Never Met Through Text

12/12/2016 By: Ben Gauwitz A central Illinois 5th grader has just broken up with a girl he never met this week on social media. Word Brothel reporters were able to catch up with Jerid Daring in his hometown of Chillicothe, IL to see what caused this irrational decision. Daring has been the focus of a lot of attention in his small town after dating the hottest girl in his class, as well as the class above him in a span of just one month. When asked if he will also pursue the hottest girl in the grade below him, Mr. Daring… … Keep Reading

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