Good Samaritan! This Guy Didn’t Tip His Barista Until He Confirmed That She Was Watching

Good Samaritan! This Guy Didn’t Tip His Barista Until He Confirmed That She Was Watching

By: Jason Elewski

Score one for kind people everywhere!

Most would agree that the best part of working in the service industry is the look of appreciation on a customer’s face. It also doesn’t hurt if a patron shows their gratitude with a little something-something from their pocketbook. Understanding the employee/customer dynamic all too well from his time working at a Quiznos for 3 months when he was 17-years old, local empath Sam Hemsworth managed to execute the dropping of a 1 dollar tip just as the barista’s gaze shifted back toward him. Some would call this fortunate timing, but Sam simply deems it skill.

Now that’s some deliberate generosity.

Being a really likable dude, Hemsworth prides himself in cultivating a pretty strong friendship with his barista that he believes other don’t share. On a typical day, he doesn’t even have to tell the barista his order. “Somehow she just KNOWS I want a coffee,” he commented. Not wanting to sully that relationship by appearing to not tip, Sam left nothing to chance. He stood stoically in front of the café counter, pretending to read the list of pastries while the barista (whose name escaped him at the time of comment) completed several online coffee orders. It was only when she turned back around to take the next customer’s order did Hemsworth see and opening for his act of generosity. Like a 747 SuperTanker putting out a forest fire, his hand flew over the tip jar, dropping that sweet George Washington.


“I didn’t wanna look like some sort of asshole by not tipping, ya know? But she kept getting distracted by like 10 other drink orders and I was like ‘jeez’, so I waited. It wasn’t even really a choice at that point, but rather my duty, as a guy who isn’t an asshole, to wait there until she could see me giving her a well-earned dollar,” Hemsworth told us while sitting in a corner of the café that he calls his “office”.

Surely no one will be calling Sam Hemsworth an asshole any time soon.

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