3 Endgame Spoilers To Really Get Things Heated In The Bedroom

3 Endgame Spoilers To Really Get Things Heated In The Bedroom

By: Josie Benedetti

CHICAGO, ILThings are about to get heated! You saw Endgame yesterday and your boyfriend can’t go until Monday! These spoilers are so vague, you’ll leave him squirming on the floor, drenched in sweat, begging you to “PLEASE, for the love of God, stop! This isn’t fun for me! PLEASE!”


Stan Lee Makes a Cameo!

Uh-oh, you’ve been a naughty girl! Everybody knows Stan Lee always makes a cameo in every one of the Avenger movies but by even mentioning it you’ll have your man’s veins bulging out of his head! Really get him going right by hinting where and when in the movie it happens! He won’t be able to take his eyes off you as he stares you down, clenching his jaw so tightly, his dentist will take note of it come his next annual check up!


Everybody in the Marvel Universe is in this movie!

And we mean EVERYBODY!! As he’s about to reach climax, whisper in his ear that there are some seriously great Easter eggs featured in this film! Easter eggs that only OG Marvel fans will get! He won’t be able to stop thinking about this night for the rest of his life!


The world is for sure in danger!

And you’re in danger of having some rip roaring sex girl! Nothing is hotter than a little fun and playful risk taking in the bedroom! But what is the main risk facing the Avengers this time? That’s for you to know and him to find out…right now! That’s right, by just mentioning the fact that all of humanity is at risk of being destroyed, he’ll be writhing in his seat, saying, “Well technically only half of all humanity! It depends on whose side you’re on!” The neighbors are gonna call the cops when they hear the hot info you’re spreading!

Remember men love when women take control in the bedroom! Nothing is as hot as a little bit of power and nothing is as powerful as vague, barely viable Endgame references! Just keep in mind, with great power comes great responsibility, so be like Spider Man and give Iron Man a real emotional hug! Oops! 😉


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