True Crime Fan’s Last Words Spent Begging Murderer Take Steps To Ensure Their Podcast Episode Gets Maximum Listeners 

True Crime Fan’s Last Words Spent Begging Murderer Take Steps To Ensure Their Podcast Episode Gets Maximum Listeners 

By: Max Stolte

DENVER, CO— Over the weekend, at large serial killer known as the Denver Disemboweler disemboweled another victim. Those familiar with the case know that his signature at the scene is leaving behind only one piece of evidence, an audio cassette with the victims final moments recorded. Cassie Breuer, 26, was found sans vital organs in a warehouse downtown with one such audio cassette next to her body. 

As an avid true crime podcast listener, Breuer’s final moments were a bittersweet moment. Word Brothel has obtained the transcript of the tape and in accordance with her last wishes will share it now. Reader beware, it is as desperate as it is graphic.

“Hello?! Where am I? Who are you? What’s that in your hand? Oh my god, are you the Denver Disemboweler? Holy shit, I’m like such a huge fan. Sarah and Megan are never gonna believe this. Me, murdered by the Denver Disemboweler. Alright double D, I know the drill. You won’t talk, so as not to incriminate yourself, but I’m being recorded while you cut out my organs one by one until I die, yeah? Nod if that’s right. Fuckin’ awesome. First I wanna shout out to my mom and stepdad Ben. Love you guys. And off the record, can you like, I don’t know, do something a little different with my body? You probably know, but there’s this podcast called ‘Murder Gals’ that I fucking love and you’ve been on like seven episodes. I just want my episode to be the top one. It’s like my life’s wish kinda thing. So like maybe write a message for the police with my blood on the wall? Or oh wait, this is good, you could take my intestines and write something out in cursive. There’s like miles of intestine in there, so don’t hold back. Ok, back on the record. Ahhhh fuck that hurts! Help! Someone please! Help me! I don’t wanna die. Wait, wait. I got it. Light bulb! Big brain Breuer is in the building. Check it out, you take out my eye, my heart, and my uvula and place them beside my body so it says, “I love u.” The girls on the pod would eat that UP!”

-Cassie Breuer’s final words, recorded on audio cassette

There was about two hours more of this because the killer generally removes non-vital organs first in his long, gruesome process of torture. You can find the rest and hear the actual audio on Murder Gals episode this Friday. Be sure to subscribe to the e-newsletter so you never miss an episode!

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