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Sexy Vampires: The Original Woke Misogynists

10/28/2017 By: Jason Elewski Imagine you have found the perfect match on your favorite dating app: Pale, dark hair, and almost a reddish tint in his eyes. So you try to set up a lunch date, but he insists on meeting at night. Normally this would set off alarms, but his profile says he devoured Virginia Wolf and his pic boasts a set of bitchin’ abs, but not deliberately like most guys, so you decide to meet up. You agree on a bar that’s hip, but not too loud, because he really wants to “have a dialogue” with you. Your… … Keep Reading


Why The Government Doesn’t Want You To Look Directly At The Solar Eclipse

8/20/2017 By: Brody Lefevre Since the dawn of man eclipses have had a profound impact on civilization. The celestial phenomenon has led to major scientific breakthroughs and influenced cultural change. Considering the political turmoil and shifting social dynamics of our current society, the upcoming solar eclipse could very well be the catalyst for a revolution. This possibility is such a cause for concern for our government that they have produced glasses and launched a fear campaign to keep us from staring at the eclipse and achieving spiritual enlightenment and evolving to the next plane of human intellect. Ancient cultures believed… … Keep Reading


Dolphins Are Smart, But Are They Woke AF?

8/7/2017 By: Amanda Brecken Studies show that dolphins may be as intellectually evolved as humans, perhaps even more so. Their ability to communicate amongst each other may even surpass our own ability to communicate with each other. In fact, dolphins possess problem solving skills, advanced cognition and self-awareness, can solve problems, and even follow recipes. There’s no doubt that dolphins are highly intelligent, but are they “woke af”? Knowing that dolphins possess this higher level of intelligence, it’s hard not to call to question their wokedness. They have the responsibility as a higher lifeform to call out injustice and fight… … Keep Reading

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